Strawberry Cheesecake

Sometimes you just fancy a sweet treat to indulge in after dinner and this worked just a treat and was super easy and quick to make. I love using Sweet Freedom Choc Shot to add some chocolate flavour to a variety of sweet dishes, as it tastes great, is natural and is very little syns […]

Pear and Chocolate Chip Muffins

I had two super ripe pears in my fruit bowl that needed to be used, so figured I’d make some muffins for the kids, I wanted to make sure they had no artificial sweeteners while still being slimming world friendly, so I could enjoy one too. I was really pleased with the final result, these […]

Ghirardelli Chocolate Brownies

We were at Costco at the weekend doing a monthly grocery shop of things I like to stock up from there. When walking down one aisle I was hit with the smell of freshly baked brownie samples, of course I couldn’t resist and had to try one and omg it was rich chocolately goodness – […]

Chocolate Waffles

This is the next installment to my #treattuesday posts and oh my is this good. Since switching to a more clean eating lifestyle, I am a lot more conscious of the foods I eat and therefore have been using ingredients I wouldn’t of used years ago. I love coconut flour, it is super fibrous and […]

S’mores Bread Pudding

This is the very first installment of my #treattuesday– a yummy dessert recipe I plan to give you every Tuesday. If any of you have been to the USA, you will of probably heard of a s’more. Delicious graham crackers, filled with chocolate and toasted marshmellows (kind of like a sweet sandwich). The toasted warm […]