Skinny Trifle


Skinny Trifle

Slimming Eats Recipe

Serves 1

Green – 2.5 syn per serving

Original – 2.5 syn per serving

Extra Easy – 2.5 syn per serving


1 pot of sugar free jelly (0.5 syns)

1 pot of fat free flavoured yoghurt (of your choice)


4 tablespoons of light squirty cream (1 syn)

1 sponge finger (1 syn)


Roughly crumble the sponge finger and mix with the jelly.

Add to a glass, top with the yoghurt, then some fresh fruit and lastly the squirty cream.


A yummy and quick dessert

  • Anonymous

    I copied your inspiration and put the yoghurt in first with a broken up meringue nest through it, then black grapes, then jelly topped with the rest of the yogurt, the meringue next is 3 syns which I had left to use, it was lovely, thank you once again for your recipes and inspiration.