I am a Brit living overseas in Canada with my husband and two children. I have tried many diets in the past (mainly Weight Watchers) and while I was successful at losing weight on Weight Watchers. I  found it was a hard diet to maintain in the long run and have gone from losing weight to gaining weight, to losing weight to gaining weight again.  Also, having a baby (my son) in between, which I might add is also not great for your waistline, well it wasn’t in my case anyway.

Of course Weight Watchers is a great diet and does work for a lot of people,  it just didn’t work for me,  as it is all to easy to use your allocated points on things you really shouldn’t .

Then after yet another gain of weight I had lost, I decided enough was enough and I was going to try and lose this extra baggage once and for all. But I knew I had to find a better diet plan that was suited to me.

That was the start of my discovery of the Slimming World diet. Not that I like to refer to it as such, and anyone following Slimming World will agree with me. It really does not feel like you are on a diet. However I did encounter a bit of a problem before I even got started on the plan. Which was the fact that they don’t hold any meetings in Canada (being a UK based company).  My only option was to join online and I knew I needed a bit more motivation than that.  That motivation I needed became the start of this blog . I thought it would be good to have somewhere I could record my thoughts, general ramblings and recipes and with that I  found I had a real passion for cooking (which is probably one of the reasons I became overweight in the first place). I have also found I  love the challenge of trying to convert my all time favorite meals into much more healthier versions, as well as creating brand new recipes and best of all I love sharing them with other people, so they get to enjoy them as much as I do.

Slimming Eats is exactly that. Yummy, delicious and filling meals that make you slim. I had lost 46lbs on Slimming World when I then fell pregnant with my daughter who was born April 2011. I was very pleased to keep weight gain to a minimum while pregnant and when she was born, my weight was pretty much back to my pre pregnancy weight, something I never managed to do when pregnant with my son, my weight rocketed with him.

Since starting on my journey back in 2009 with Slimming World, I have also been doing some stretches of eating paleo – specifically Whole30 (through 2014), after I had some ongoing stomach issues that I couldn’t resolve and have changed a lot of the foods I eat, I try to avoid eating too many processed foods. I really like the new Slimming World SP plan as it combines a lot of the foods I like to eat. The other great thing about Slimming World is that if you have certain diet restrictions, it is easy to adapt into the plan. For that reason I am trying to add lots more categories to my recipes to make it easier to find a certain recipe if you have any of those restrictions (feel free to message me with suggestions, if you have anything else you would like to see)

Below is a before and after pic of my journey so far (must update my after pic, as it is a bit out of date now and have lost even more weight since then) :

If you are interested in trying Slimming World, then visit their site through the banner below (affiliated link):

Slimming World Online. Weight loss made easy for amazing life-long results.

and if you reside outside of the US/Canada please click on the following link: Slimming World

Good Luck!!!

  • Sarahlea


    I tried your chocolate squidgy cake, it was lovely. I adapted the recipe to make Squidgy Lemon cake, I substituted the cocoa for 2oz self raising flour added lemon rind and juice from one lemon. Lovely!

  • slimadmin

    that variation sounds lovely. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Great site, I’m an Brit living in California, love your recipes.

  • I’ve recently joined slimming world and have found your site so helpful! I will def share your link with other members of my group. Congrats on your weight loss success too x

  • I joined SW 3 weeks ago here in the Dallas, Texas area. Its the only place in the US where they have meetings. I’m glad they opened in my area. 🙂

  • Great blog with even greater recipes, thank you x

  • Ferdie

    Above is very helpful and very inspirational, thank you very much.
    It’s great for sure, but what I find very helpful is to let the nature work a bit more. I drink puerh tea after every big meal, as I’ve found out it eliminates unwanted and leftover, hard-to-digest fats. My favourite is Pu-erh 1st Grade, or Pu-erh Mini Tuo Cha cakes. Give it go, it helped me and few other friends.

  • hello i love this site thank you.Congratulations on your new little one i had a little boy august 2011 and i lost weight safely during pregnancy as i still attended slimming world.Unfortunately i am now unable to attend ind find now i dont have access to new recipes done in the sw style and im so please to have found your page.Hope your weight loss journey is going well and good luck for the future.xxx

  • Penny-Marie Hampson

    I came across your page while looking for SW Recipes, and I just wanted to comment and say thank you! I’ve used your blog every day for new recipes and to plan my SW Food Shop. Thank you so much!

  • BERTIE42

    Hi there, your site is so impressive and I’m so glad I’ve found it. I was wondering if you could possibly help me with something ! I’m a newbie slimming world person and tonight cooked ethe delicious vindaloo. I cooked boiled rice and then fried some onions in fry light to add to the rice. Would the fried rice be classed as free if used fry light? I’ve asked many friends and am getting mixed messages. Many thanks x

  • slimadmin

    Frylight is free, so yes it would still be free 🙂

  • Sarah Green

    I have just joined Slimming World and already I have used lots of your recipes, please keep them coming! It’s so helpful and inspiring to see people who have used the plan for a longer period of time as it proves it’s not just a fad. You’ll also be pleased to know that your blog is the third Google listing when you search ‘Slimming World recipes’, below only actual SW pages! Thanks for your dedication from overseas, your efforts are very much appreciated. 🙂 Also, congratulations for your successful weight loss and on the births of your lovely children. x

  • slimadmin

    thank you and a big good luck on your weight loss journey.

  • Jody McDonald

    Just stumbled across your site and I will be back for sure! It’s brilliant. Ironically, I’m a Beaver living in England and have only started on SW after years of following WW and I’m a true convert 🙂 You look great btw 🙂 Jody xx

  • terri

    This is my new favourite site. I am 28 and have lost 6 stone with sw, I have another 3 to go but feel sw is no longer working and im losing interest as the weight is a lot harder to move. I am going to try using the recipies on this site and give it another go. Ive come so far-i cant give up now. Thanks for sharing all your recipies and well done with your weight loss so far xx

  • sheila wadham

    Hi I just found your blog and am looking into slimmer’s world as my aunt lives in Ireland and has gone from a 24 to 14 in just over a year I am presently on weight watchers but finding it hard to consume the daily pints amount they want me to eat I was wondering could you offer any advice.

  • woooww….
    amazing, how can you do that ?

  • virginia mcdermott

    hi there, I’ve been using your receipes for the past 3 weeks when I joined SW in the UK, absolutely love your ideas and twists on things to make them more tasty and interesting, I have cooked so many things and love cooking now!! my boyfriend even eats the same things as me now as well!! looking forward to making some more this week, brilliant blog!! 🙂

  • slimadmin

    thank you for your comment, I am so glad to hear you have been enjoying my recipes.

  • virginia mcdermott

    thanks for your reply!! I made the meat loaf last night, 2nd time I’ve made that and it’s amazing!! thanks again xx

  • Carole Edwards

    Hello, I love your site and the recipes are wonderful. I have tried so many different diets and “eating plans” with no real long last results. I did have a go at SW – but gave up too quickly, so I back to my books but not joining any groups at the moment. Your site is the kick I needed to get myself motivated again. Thank you

  • Barbara Toner

    I am a member of SW in the UK yet I come to your page before I use their’s. I love your page and get loads of idea’s which I try out ..keep up the good work your a star x

  • Admin

    what a lovely comment. Thank you 🙂

  • Pauline Evans

    Kind of left high and dry with this site really….