Roasted Butternut Squash Risotto


Serves 3

0.5 syns per serving

1 syn for entire recipe on Green or Extra Easy


400g of butternut squash, cubed

200g of Arborio rice

2 small shallots finely chopped

3 cloves of garlic, crushed

1 litre of chicken stock

1 bay leaf

fresh finely chopped basil

sprinkling of paprika

salt and pepper to season

3 x 28g of parmesan cheese (2xHEa

1 tsp of low fat spread

Olive Oil Pam/Frylight


Preheat oven to 200c or 400f

Place cubed butternut squash into a ovenproof dish, sprinkle with paprika, spray with some olive oil spray oil and bake in the oven until tender.

When butternut squash is close to being ready you can start the risotto process.

Add your chicken stock to a small saucepan with the basil and bay leaf and keep on a low heat.

Add the low fat spread to a frying pan and sauté the onion and garlic for a few mins until tender.

Stir in the Arborio rice.

Add 1 ladle of the stock. Continuously stir making sure you scrap all the flavouring from the bottom of the pan, as the stock reduces add another ladle of stock, and repeat the process until there is only a little of the stock remaining.

Add the roasted butternut squash and the remaining stock and when the last bit of stock has almost reduced, remove from the heat and stir in 28g of parmesan cheese.

Divide between three plates and top each plate with the remaining parmesan.

Season with salt and pepper as desired

Serve with a side salad.

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm this sounds really tasty and yummy, I assume I can double the quantity’s for 4?

  • admin

    it is a serve 3 recipe. I mistyped lol. You prob just need a little extra arborio rice and stock, to stretch it to serve 4. Enjoy 🙂

  • easilyled

    Had this tonight, and it was superb. You are our new favourite chef! We had the pizza last week and loved that too.
    Keep up the good work. Thanks

  • Wyrdsysta

    *drool*…. making this tonight! :o)

  • Jo

    Just finished this and it was absolutely delicious thank you very much Britmum x

  • ashley

    made this tonight for tea…it was amazing 🙂 thank you so much

  • Lisa Evrae

    Just an idea, I made mine this evening with a small glass of sherry (40ml) to get the rice started before adding the stock. Adds a small extra syn value but makes a difference

  • Hubby just cooked this for our tea and it was so yummy – well worth the wait! 🙂 Thank you so much x

  • Just made this for tonioghts tea……hubby has literally licked the plate clean!!  Delicious Britmum…thankyou! x

  • This is the most delicious thing i have ever cooked!

  • Vikki Lawton

    Just making this and it smells amazing…….