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Asian Chicken Meatballs

Slimming Eats Recipe Extra Easy -1.5 syns per serving Original – 1.5 syns per serving suitable for a Slimming World SP day Whole30 and Paleo friendly, Gluten Free and Dairy Free

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Risotto Patties

Since taking up Roller Derby, and having training to go to at least 2 times a week, I am having to be creative and come up with more recipes I can take with me and eat on the go. For this week I was looking at what I had on hand and spotted the 1 [...]

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Mini Lasagne Cups

I have seen many recipes for these floating around Pinterest, so decided to have a go at making my own, as I thought they would be great for my kids too. These are delicious with a side salad. I love how the pasta really crisps up around the edges. Mini Lasagne Cups Slimming Eats Recipe [...]

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Spinach and Feta Frittata

Spinach and Feta Frittata Slimming Eats Recipe serves 2 Green – 1 HEa and 0.5 syns per serving Extra Easy – 1 HEa and 0.5 syns per serving Original – 1 HEa and 0.5 syns per serving

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Mexican Lentil Bake

Mexican Lentil Bake Slimming Eats Recipe Serves 4 Green – 1 syn per serving Extra Easy – 1 syn per serving

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