Sweet Corn Pilau Rice

This recipe is dairy free, gluten free, vegetarian Slimming World  and Weight Watchers friendly Slimming Eats Recipe Extra Easy – syn free per serving Green – syn free per serving

Edamame and Vegetable Pilaf

This rice dish is great as a side or on it’s own. I absolutely love Edamame beans at the moment and the best part of all, is that they are packed full of health boosting nutrients and a good source of protein. This recipe is gluten free, dairy free, Slimming World and Weight Watchers friendly […]

Curried Chicken Rice Salad Bowl

For this salad bowl I prefer to use regular good qualitiy mayonnaise, as I find it makes it much more creamy when mixed with the yoghurt, but if you prefer, feel free to use low fat mayonnaise and then reduce the syns accordingly. This is delicious as is or served over baby spinach, but would […]

Egg Fried Rice

I already have a delicious Chicken Fried Rice and Crab and Chilli Fried Rice recipe on my blog, both are more of a complete meal than a side dish, so I thought I would  put up details of how I make my basic egg fried rice. It is so simple, the key ingredient is always […]

Risotto Patties

  I was looking at what I had on hand and spotted the 1 cup of risotto rice leftover in my jar and thought hmmmm I wonder if I can make some kind of patties with it. I wasn’t sure if they would hold together well but they did and the best thing of all […]