Breakfast Parcels

My kids love egg and cheese and I am always trying to come up with handy little things to put in their lunch boxes, so they don’t have the same boring ole sandwiches every day. I had an idea in my head or these for a while, but was determined to make them Slimming World […]

Baked Carbonara Frittata

This recipe is Slimming World and Weight Watchers friendly Slimming Eats Recipe Extra Easy – 1/2 HEa (or 3 syns) per serving For a more cheesy frittata, double up the cheese quantity and mix half of it into the egg mixture. A serving will then be 1 HEa.

Spiralled Zucchini Quiche

Delicious spiralled zucchini quiche with a hash brown potato crust. This feels so decadent and it tastes amazing. I like to make this in a small 8inch springform pan, as it means you get a nice height to the quiche, but it will work just as well in a shallow bigger pan, you of course […]

Baked Egg and Ham with Balsamic Tomatoes

This is a great dish to serve for breakfast or lunch. The baked egg and ham pairs up really well with the balsamic tomatoes and crispy toasts. Use the crispy toasts, to scoop up bits of egg and ham with the tomatoes. Delicious!! This recipe is gluten free, dairy free, paleo, Slimming World (SP) and […]

Egg Fried Rice

I already have a delicious Chicken Fried Rice and Crab and Chilli Fried Rice recipe on my blog, both are more of a complete meal than a side dish, so I thought I would  put up details of how I make my basic egg fried rice. It is so simple, the key ingredient is always […]