Breakfast Parcels

My kids love egg and cheese and I am always trying to come up with handy little things to put in their lunch boxes, so they don’t have the same boring ole sandwiches every day. I had an idea in my head or these for a while, but was determined to make them Slimming World […]

Onion Masala Toast

This recipe is vegetarian, Slimming World and Weight Watchers friendly Slimming Eats Recipe Extra Easy – 3 syns per serving Green – 3 syns per serving Original – 3 syns per serving

Baked Egg and Ham with Balsamic Tomatoes

This is a great dish to serve for breakfast or lunch. The baked egg and ham pairs up really well with the balsamic tomatoes and crispy toasts. Use the crispy toasts, to scoop up bits of egg and ham with the tomatoes. Delicious!! This recipe is gluten free, dairy free, paleo, Slimming World (SP) and […]

S’mores Bread Pudding

This is the very first installment of my #treattuesday– a yummy dessert recipe I plan to give you every Tuesday. If any of you have been to the USA, you will of probably heard of a s’more. Delicious graham crackers, filled with chocolate and toasted marshmellows (kind of like a sweet sandwich). The toasted warm […]

Egg and Ham in a Toast Basket

  These are huge  favorite in my house, whenever I make them I can guarantee there will be clear plates all around. I normally line the crispy toast basket with ham, but have also done these with some grated cheese instead as part of my healthy extra a choice. I usually serve with a side […]