Edamame and Vegetable Pilaf

This rice dish is great as a side or on it’s own. I absolutely love Edamame beans at the moment and the best part of all, is that they are packed full of health boosting nutrients and a good source of protein. This recipe is gluten free, dairy free, Slimming World and Weight Watchers friendly […]

Syn Free and Low Syn Snacks

I’ve had a few people message me asking for some syn free snack ideas, so I thought I would be a good idea to type up a post for you all. As lets face it, we all need yummy syn free snacks to keep us on plan, right? So here are some of my suggestions […]

Crispy Cheddar Pita Chips with Guacamole and Mango Salsa

Occasionally when I have a healthy extra a and b choice spare. I will make this for lunch, it feels like a real treat, but is completely on plan and almost syn free, apart from the small amount of syns in my pea guacamole. If you double or even triple up the recipe too, it […]

Garlic Parmesan Fries with Ranch Dressing

For these fries I like to use my  Potato Chipper, I leave the skins on, as I prefer them to have the rustic look, but feel free to peel them if you prefer. The whole dish with my yummy low syn ranch dressing is delicious. I like to serve with a salad of baby spinach […]

Bulgur Wheat, Onion, Sage and Sausage Stuffed Chicken

Tender Chicken Breast stuffed with Bulgur Wheat, Onion, Sage and Sausage is a delicious combination. I made these for the family for Easter Sunday and plates were cleared all around. I served them with my syn free Garlic and Herb Roast Potatoes, Syn Free Gravy and Maple Glazed Carrots. Then some baby spinach just quickly […]